Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shorter Heather MacDonald

Heather MacDonald, "Gay marriage and unintended consequences"

  • Everybody knows the blacks hate the gays, so if gays are allowed to marry, the blacks will be even less likely to marry.

The mind reels. I've re-read it to make sure it actually appeared in public, and yes, it did! This is not an unpleasant hallucination!

Suppose, from an abundance of charity, that we assume the validity of the argument: African Americans will be less inclined to marry if marriage gets all gay'd up, and The Crisis of the Black Family is the biggest social problem of them all.

Assuming this argument is true, shouldn't we consider the other types of people that black people stereotypically dislike and ban their marriages too?

- Mexicans
- Korean grocers
- the LAPD (if not all police)
- Country music artists
- KKK members, other miscellaneous racists
- Republicans / Libertarians
- People who shush them when they talk back to the screen at movie theaters
- White dudes who think they can play basketball and/or rap
- Elvis fans who fail to appreciate the extent of Elvis's borrowing from African American performers

And so on. No doubt I've neglected numerous stereotypes here.

The more I read the secular attempts at justifying unequal legal status for gay people, the more I pine for the straightforwardness of the god-based justifications. They're at least intelligible and not so obviously the product of strained rationalization.

[The above commentary is a restatement of a comment I left at the post in question.]

'Shorter' concept lovingly borrowed from Sadly, No!


larryniven said...

You have to admit, though, that would make a lot of sense, explaining-black-marriage-in-America-wise. If the rate of marriage of group A is adversely affected by the ability of a stereotypically disliked group B to marry, African-Americans would really be in a bad spot. Them and Republicans - and hey, whaddya know! The uber-right wing does have a certain tendency to have trouble with their marriages.


Dale said...

LN, Coincidence? Hardly. MacDonald has answered more questions than she might think.

OBVIOUSLY, the upward trend in divorce since the 1970s must be explained by an increase in the prevalence and visibility of married-sorts-of-people-that-other-married-people-stereotypically-dislike.

The obvious answer is to identify those people and make sure they can no longer be legally married so that everyone will go back to seeing only married people they sterotypically like.

Or something.

larryniven said...

I think we should also go back to having married couples on TV sleep in separate beds: it can't help to have so many good-looking married people implicitly having sex all the time when real-life spouses typically look normal.