Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sights at the Zoo

Wolves at play in the snow -- like dogs, only wilder; like freshly-fallen snow, only trucked in from the mountains or generated by a snow machine.

Hippos have very, very large heads. It is said (or so I assume) that on the morning of 17 May, if a hippo sees its own shadow, no one will be able to tell as it will take no apparent notice -- and therefore, by some unfathomable process, Summer will arrive in 35 days.

I noted that this Speke's Gazelle would only engage in this feeding behavior when there were no giraffes around to mock her exertions.

I don't get out to the Oregon Zoo often enough. They do excellent conservation work, and beyond that, they link the culture of the city with a beautiful selection of the world's fauna.

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