Monday, May 4, 2009

Tapping Its Foot Suggestively in the Next Stall: The Oklahoma GOP

The intensity of the anti-gay sentiment expressed in the recently-adopted platform of the Oklahoma GOP can mean only one thing: public men's restrooms in the vicinity of the proceedings were rich hunting grounds for vice cops. Either they set new records for arrests for solicitation of sex (and tragic numbers of innocent toilet paper scraps were purposely dropped on the floor as part of the guilty right-winger sexual semiotics) or they missed a great opportunity (but the usual numbers of incidental scraps fell to the floor).

As we all eagerly await the leaked police recordings in which Upstanding and Patriotic Christian Family Men say things like "I am not gay! I have never been gay!", consider this instance of the Oklahoma GOP's obsession, from a section of the platform designating "General" principles:

2. We believe that homosexuality is not a genetic trait but a chosen lifestyle. . . .
Isn't it precious how the origins of homosexuality is yanked from the status of empirical question and placed under the rubric of "general principles"? The Yankee Taliban is fond of confusing empirical questions with matters of opinion, the other leading examples being climate change denialism and placing creationism on par with evolution.

I don't know about Jesus, but the Wide-Stanced spirit of former Senator Larry Craig is strong with the Oklahoma GOP.

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