Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The new Sonic Youth album The Eternal includes a song, "anti-orgasm," that, for a brief few seconds at its beginning, sounds like something the Pixies or Pavement would release, which is by no means a bad thing. Quickly it becomes unmistakeably a Sonic Youth song, and while it's nothing I expect tomorrow's schoolchildren to be singing, it's fantastic (on the record and also played live and loud).

It's a little more than everything you could reasonably want from a song titled "anti-orgasm" -- the title provides a strong hint that it won't be reasonable to expect, say, a classic lullaby, a devotional hymn, or a wistful remembrance. I say anything that's anti-orgasm should be required to balance that sentiment by being this great.

The image above, which may or may not refer to the song, is titled "Anti-orgasm" by Flickr's ffrederic.

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ffrederic said...

it is in reference :-)
thanks for the link.