Saturday, June 6, 2009

Breaking Bad - Tee-Vee That Doesn't Suck

I am sad to report that AMC's Breaking Bad has concluded its second season, meaning a long wait for new episodes. This program is for you if you like quality drama, or if you ever want to get into television, or into acting, or into directing. If you are such a person, I say study it closely and consider it a model.

The acting in this series is especially outstanding. Breaking Bad is consistently well-acted from one cast member to the next, and its quality is such that it redeems a story that is compelling, yes, but not without its occasional flaws and flubs. To call attention to its superb acting is not the damnation of faint praise -- this series is very much worth watching in every important respect.

This is just one amazing scene of dozens over two seasons:

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Adam said...

Love this show. Just about every shot is saturated with compelling, interesting drama. Everything about it is top-notch.