Friday, June 12, 2009

The Comfort Wipe - Telling Versus Showing

A blogger has certain responsibilities, not the least being not only to present the boldest new products but to call attention to the shortcomings of their promotional campaigns. The "Comfort Wipe" undoubtedly holds great promise, but this ad leaves wide open the question of whether it promises heretofore unknown benefits or disasters, and it leaves this question unanswered on the most basic of grounds: it provides no clear product demonstration.

We are shown the Comfort Wipe repeatedly letting a piece of dry toilet paper lilt gently into the toilet, but in my experience -- maybe I'm doing it wrong? -- this is not a realistic simulation of the regular use of toilet paper. I mean, sure, as a pre-defecation ritual, everyone lets a couple of pieces of toilet paper lilt into the toilet basin, but that's ceremonial, mere prelude.

This ad fails because it does not depict the Comfort Wipe used in the delivery of an actual wipe. I'm slightly relieved at this, to be sure, but then again, in for a penny, in for a pound, right? Why do this half-assed? The ad is already prevailing on the viewer's sensibilities. I say the ad is a miserable failure unless and until it shows rather than tells.

It needs graphic, detailed representation of the product's promise -- if not HD video, then at least high-quality CGI.

(via Portland Mercury)

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