Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Exhaustion

I have been exhausted in recent days, and once I actually thought about it, it proved to be not so difficult to explain. Let me count the excuses ways:

  • I am at the peak of a training cycle for a marathon. This means my weekly long run is in the vicinity of 20 miles, give or take a few, and that my ho-hum, everyday, falling-out-of-bed training runs are 7-11 miles each.
  • That I should be in this peak makes now a perfect time to have undertaken a new car-free commuting regime -- now I take the bike for part of the journey. While a proper cyclist would snigger at the distances I cover, this is more bike-riding than I've done since I was, oh, twelve or so. I am glad to be doing it for a variety of reasons -- it's fun, it's interesting, it's a new challenge, it means my bike is not just moldering in a corner, it Saves Planet Earth, etc. -- and I know I will adjust, but for now it stresses muscles that running does not, adds new psychological stresses (which lane? WHICH LANE!?!?), and it therefore expends its share of battery life.
  • Sleep is always a problem; when everything else gets harder, it becomes a bigger problem.
  • Various people continue to expect me to pay bills, show up on time, fulfill obligations, answer inquiries, and so on. I was really counting on that kind of stuff tapering off over time, once I had established that I could do it. It just keeps coming! WHY WASN'T I WARNED!?!
  • Today is Jung's birthday; she is upwards of 50 years old. I find this unbelievable. When I met her, she couldn't have been a day over 48.
  • Something tells me this list is omitting something(s) important, but I'm too exhausted to enumerate any more items, whether the wacky kind or the so-called real kind or the real-wacky hybrids.
In short, I'm tired.

Update: I neglected to add to my list of wearying sorrows -- surely the saddest of its kind in the written history of our species -- that I donated blood yesterday. I went in hoping to talk them into letting me give three pints, since I never know where I'll be when the next blood drive comes calling, but after some haggling, we came back down to the original level of one pint. I am not a good negotiator. Negotiating wears me out.

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