Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finding New Music

Zennalathas has made some valid points in reply to my post about Billy Bob Thornton's declarations about the quality of Rock Music since 1980.

It occurs to me that Thornton is speaking from an understandable lack of awareness -- understandable, not to say excusable -- and that this can be an opportunity to explore the ever-expanding ways that people can find new-to-them music. I've found Pandora and the aggregated new release ratings at metacritic to be excellent resources for this.

Other suggestions? What else works?


larryniven said...

KEXP's song of the day podcast:

Other than that I got nothing.

Zennalathas said...

You might look at You install a small app and it runs in the background as you listen to music, keeping track of your listening habits and uploading them to your profile on their website. From there, it suggests artists based on what you listen to. It also has a web radio function that's going to be integrated into the Xbox 360 soon. It's a good alternative to Pandora if you're not living in the states.