Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Green Giant Will Devour Their Cummerbunds

This terrifying image (via Found in Mom's Basement; click to enlarge if you dare) is dated to 1953 -- safely post-war and yet still in the days when people dressed formally for meals that included mass-produced canned vegetables -- and provides, if nothing else, powerful evidence for the claim that LSD is a powerful drug and no small boon to advertising.

While the nice people seem to be maintaining their manners despite the fact that the Green Giant has already devoured the person who used to wear that bib and sit in that chair, the comity can't last long. Once the food on the table has been cleared, these people will be devoured, formal attire and all.

Somewhere along the way, images of forbidding terror dropped from mass-market advertising -- we no longer see man-eating giants, ghastly talking syrup bottles, blood-red pitchers crashing through walls, or mysterious tiny chuckwagons that taunt dogs. It has made for a less enchanted world.

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