Saturday, June 6, 2009

Neko Case in Portland

For a few hours last night, the fell blight of Rose Festival parted and this town was a place of all that's beautiful and bright thanks to the live company of Neko Case, who played Portland's Crystal Ballroom.

Highlights included absolutely mesmerizing performances of "Vengeance is Sleeping," "Red Tide," "Prison Girls," and "Deep Red Bells" but ranged well beyond.

I was, to a close first approximation, the only person of the few thousand there who did not violate the no-photography, no-recording rule, so I have only the ticket image for show and tell. I expect a rich bootleg bounty to start showing on Flickr and youtube soon.

It was brilliant. She plays a second date tonight in the same venue -- the power to lift the blight of Rose Festival for another few hours is within reach for all beleaguered Puddle-towners.

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