Friday, June 19, 2009

Of Footwear and Fate

This is an image of the ASICS GT-2130 in its Onyx/Black/Lightning color scheme, the right-foot shoe unless Photoshop chicanery has mirrored a left-foot shoe.

This so happens to be the image of my newest running shoe, a shoe that I hope will take me to terrible new heights of running achievement. It is a shoe I've admired for a good long while, and why wouldn't I, given its many advanced-sounding qualities and features?

Comfortable and durable, this new addition to ASICS vaunted 2000 series delivers when it comes to performance and fit. The GT-2130® features IGS®, a gait-optimizing Space Trusstic System®, DuoMax® Support System, and Solyte® Midsole Material.
I don't know what any of that means, really -- several of those terms could be replaced with any comparably futuristic-sounding term and I wouldn't perceive any difference -- but I will say that the profusion of ® symbols suggests that ASICS thinks highly of it, and I cannot deny the appeal, superficial though it may be, of "a gait-optimizing Space Trusstic System," whatever the hell that might be. I have also long admired the word vaunted.

If I were a more superstitious person or a believer in fate, I would wonder at how to interpret the fact that this exact shoe in this exact color scheme appeared at one of my regular shoe-buying haunts at just the moment when I was needing* a fresh pair of shoes; while on the other hand, at the exact moment I completed the purchase, the skies over Portland gave forth an uncharacteristically sudden and heavy rainfall.

As I am exactly as superstitious as I am, and believe in fate exactly as much as I do, no more and no less, I do not wonder at this. Not much.

* I recognize that I do not need new running shoes, now or ever; that arguably no human being in history has genuinely needed running shoes. Still, this is not the first nor will it be the last time I abuse the word need by attaching it to a consumerist trifle. This is America! It's how we roll!

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