Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Music Blogging: Live Sonic Youth, Satanic Neko Case

This performance of "Sacred Trickster" by Sonic Youth on the Letterman show kicks ass:

The same applies to this version of "What We Know" performed on the Jools Holland show:

With the addition of bassist Mark Ibold (formerly of Pavement) to the band, Kim Gordon's role as guitarist appears to be smaller, or maybe just different; but her vocals are as strong as ever, especially on two especially strong songs from The Eternal, "Anti-Orgasm" and "Massage the History."

More excellent Sonic Youth performance videos from the new album (mostly) can be found at dentakinado's youtube site.

In other music news: a person with a keyboard and a web connection but not so much in the way of perceptiveness thinks Neko Case is "satanic."

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