Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spiking the Lukewarm

Andrew Sullivan posted this video of Ross Douthat posing a long-winded question to a liberal theologian, Robert Wright.

To spare you the five minutes of Douthat's prolixity, it comes to this: doesn't liberal theology fail as a substitute for the more definite, specific, and concrete claims of literalist / traditionalist / fundamentalist / pick-your-term theology? Don't people who take the step of believing in a god almost universally choose to take the follow-on step of believing that god cares about them, responds to their prayers, smites their enemies, rewards the righteous, etc?

Wright's brief answer -- "probably" -- says all we need to know about liberal theology. The video:

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Laura said...

Paul Bloom wrote a piece about Wright's, "The Evolution of God" in the NY Times Sunday book review: