Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wolverines in Time and Space

For the first time in decades, a wolverine has been spotted in Colorado:

Wolverines live in Alaska and Canada, and “we know they used to be in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, California and Washington,” said Robert M. Inman, who directs the Greater Yellowstone Wolverine Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society ... The largest land-dwelling member of the weasel family, it is strong, tenacious, sharp-toothed and cunning. Although adult wolverines typically weigh only about 30 pounds, they are stocky and bearlike, and easily prey on far larger animals like sheep.
I'm no cartographer, nor am I a biogeographer, but I am the only person with the permissions to post on this precious, precious blog, so I have to point out that it seems unlikely that a creature that is known to have lived in California, Idaho, and Washington did not also live in Oregon.

Damn you, evidence-based science! Can't we just assume that these creatures existed here in Oregon? And really, if we're going to go that far, can't we just go ahead and assume they still live here?

(via Bouphonia)

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