Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bike Calamity '09, Annotated & Illustrated

Thanks to the slightly creepy magic of Google Street View, the Fireshot add-on to Firefox, and my middling graphic editing skillz, I have managed to cobble together an annotated visual of last Thursday's bike calamity.

Click the image to embiggen it, as SJKP likes to say.

A note on the directions indicated in the image: camera's eye view here faces more or less due east down Burnside Street. Here at roughly 98th, the MAX train is in the process of turning from an east-west bearing along Burnside Street to north-south bearing paralleling I-205. So the "west-bound" and "east-bound" indicators are accurate, not the product of concussion-induced fuzziness; they're just not faithful to this particular spot in the tracks.

The bend in the tracks at this location is part of the problem: as you can see, it's no simple task to cross the tracks at a perfect perpendicular, as I learned so painfully.


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, I hope you don't altogether quit cycling because of that. It can suck, getting injuries in that way I know (I've been injured in quite creative ways in my on and off career of bicycling), but in the end, you're better off, and when you think about it, chances are, you're just going to get injured doin' something else anywho (at least, in so far as the chances work out).

You at least have my admiration for cycling as much as I keep claiming I'm going to some day real soon (seriously, as soon as this hellish heat stops, I'm back on that bike – really!)

H/T for the logism appreciated, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Were you able to ride after the fall? How did you get home or to the hospital? Did any passers-by help you?

Dale said...

Anon, answering your questions:

I haven't gotten on the bike since -- doctor-ordered down time -- but I plan to.

I managed to ride back home, which in hindsight was a bad idea given what turned out to be the severity of the injuries. After that my wife helped me to the hospital (via car).

It was before 6am, so there were no passers-by available to help.

I appreciate your comment. Stop by any time.

Dale said...

SJKP, I do plan to return to the saddle (so to speak) but I expect it will be a long time before I'm comfortable going over that particular intersection. Trouble is, there's no good way to avoid it and get where I need to go.

I have been thinking of the irony of it, though irony isn't the right word at all: I've run zillions of miles without a single interesting fall -- well, OK, one that was semi-interesting -- let alone concussion-inducing event. I'm about a month into 'serious' cycling and this happens. Hmm.

George Junior said...

That was some tumble you took! Good luck getting back in the saddle. I cycled to work for about 18 months and came off nine times - haven't been on a bike since. I figure I'm just too reckless for two wheels.

Take care out there.

Dale said...

George Jr., long time no see! It's great seeing you up and about. I saw your update and wish you the best in all that. It sounds messy, but I hope some good can come of it.

George Junior said...

Thanks, Dale. Messy? Yep, a little - I think the technical term is "acrimonious".

Still, it's good to be back.