Friday, July 24, 2009

Collateral Damage

Yesterday's bike crash disfigured more than my face, as these grim images attest. The shoe was not spared:

This is arguably the unkindest cut of all -- this is the very same watch involved in the aforementioned jewelry store rip-off (poll still open). I am very fond of this watch, which was restored to full functioning the afternoon immediately before the morning of the bike crash:

And here lay the shirt I wore over a cat (Wilbur) struggling in vain to seem concerned or even interested. I honestly can't explain how so little blood made its way to the shirt -- it is, after all, a white shirt, meaning it has a preternaturally strong attraction to all staining liquids; and in the first several minutes of the drama, there was plenty of blood pouring out:

I have yet to closely inspect either the bike I rode or the helmet I wore. Prediction: there will be blood.

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