Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Note to Readers

Readers new to this precious, precious blog may be appalled at some of the themes and language appearing in the posts and the comments. If so, I want to reassure them that our rhetorical choices here make sense to a group engaged in a common endeavor undertaken in relation to an extensive archive of conversations, texts, and experiences. By the time we broach, say, child-raping priests, the perils of wide stances in airport restrooms, executions of women deemed 'guilty' of having been raped, prominent politicians who are definitely not gay, marriages between old men and young girls, the spectacular failures of prayer, "fucking the fuck off," snakes burrowing through nostrils, and so on, we have built a context in which these topics are proper to our intellectual project.

It is not, as it may appear at first glance, that this blog is written by a Category Five Asshole. Not that there's anything wrong with that, or false in the assertion of it.



Domestically Challenged said...

Dale, what, did you go and offend someone again????

Dale said...

I hope so!! I was really just finding a way to comment on the "queer theory" statement I linked to.

Zennalathas said...

Reading that comment on a queer theory professor's statement, I'm not really sure what you're lampooning here, or really what that professor said that's worth satirising...

Am I missing something? I hate missing things.

Dale said...

Zen, I think the lampoon-worthy aspect is in the conjunction of the lofty wording and the idea of classroom discussions of fisting.

Or maybe it's just the idea of classroom discussions of fisting.

Maybe it's the idea of fisting alongside the idea of theory.

That said, in theory -- so to speak -- it's possible to theorize about anything -- that's not to say worthwhile.

Maybe it's simply the use of sixty or seventy words where nine or ten would have done.

All of the above?

Ultimately, as a Category Five Asshole, I am rather indiscriminate in my lampoonings, but that's my best guess.

Anonymous said...

you only wish you were a category 5 asshole - I guess that's why you've taken to biking to work. I used to ride to work when I lived in eugene. I hated the other riders - they'd cut cars off, blast through lights and stop signs, clip pedestrians, etc. and then flip off their victims. I decided that, despite being an asshole myself, I didn't want to be the cyclist kind. And what is up with wearing those jerseys?