Friday, July 3, 2009

Open Source McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy has an unconventional and disarmingly casual view of punctutation and the craft of writing as a whole, as revealed in discussions with Oprah captured here, here and here.

He does not seem to expend a lot of effort tracing out the ultimate sources and meanings of his own writings. A channeler of internal resources he doesn't claim to direct, he is a mystery to himself as much as he can be to his readers, so his stories are stubbornly open.

The trailer to the film adaptation of The Road suggests the shortcomings to this open-endedness. The film presented here, compelling though it may be, bears but a slight resemblance to the book as I remember it:

I'll certainly watch, but final conclusions about what it all means may be forever elusive. That's not such a bad thing.

(via Normblog and Obscene Desserts)

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