Friday, July 17, 2009

Realism, US Politics, & Health Care -- We can haz coexistence?

Peter Singer has extended his troubling dalliance with reality-based moral reasoning and applied it to health care:

Health care is a scarce resource, and all scarce resources are rationed in one way or another ... Rationing health care means getting value for the billions we are spending by setting limits on which treatments should be paid for from the public purse ... The debate over health care reform in the United States should start from the premise that some form of health care rationing is both inescapable and desirable. Then we can ask, What is the best way to do it?
The entire piece is riddled with reasonable points like these, which is likely the most reliable grounds on which to say that the terms it lays out will not penetrate Congressional deliberations in any meaningful degree, and certainly that it won't have a far-reaching impact on the way big media squabblers and scribes frame it.

Still, the fight for sane, workable, reality-based health care policy is too important to abandon from cynicism. Reading the whole piece is well worth the time.

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