Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reed Hits Sci-Fi Fantasy Gold

This is good news for Reed College and, if I may be bold enough to say so, for excellence undergraduate humanities education:

David Eddings, famed fantasy fiction author and 1954 Reed College graduate, has made a bequest in excess of $18 million to Reed College. The gift is among the largest contributions to the college since Amanda Reed’s bequest established the institution 98 years ago. Eddings passed away at his home in Carson City, Nevada, on June 2, at the age of 77.

Eddings directed that his gift be used to support students and faculty across the college with emphasis given to those studying language and literature. More than two thirds of the gift will provide financial aid to help students of limited financial means attend Reed. In addition, funds will endow the David Eddings Professorship in the English department ...
If I were to be perfectly candid, I might note a bit of bad news too -- namely, the way this gigantic donation undercuts the already middling potency of the school's efforts to extract donations from non-millionaire alums such as myself.

But don't lose heart, college fund solicitors -- many of us are a thousandaires, and not only that, it recently occurred to me that I don't have a Reed t-shirt that isn't moth-eaten or otherwise unwearable. So you can go ahead and start daydreaming about how to spend a $15-$20 donation to the student bookstore.

Thank you and R.I.P., David Eddings.

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