Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Sapere Aude Award

A blogger has certain responsibilities, among these being the creation of awards he doles out to fellow bloggers, commenters, and the other miscellaneous fops, dandies, prigs, and insufferable twits who fall within his orbit. In keeping with that responsibility, I am creating the Sapere Aude Award, intended to honor comments made to posts on this precious, precious blog that achieve a certain something I admire: a grasp at wisdom, a reach for sententiousness, the boldness by which a person sets modesty, humility, and other species of caution aside and dares to demonstrate that he or she has something profound to say.

The perils to this sort of thing are clear enough. One can come off as a pretentious blowhard, a bullshit slinger, a risibly sophomoric boor, and so on. But when it works, it's a beautiful thing, one I want to honor and recognize. When it works, it shows that people can, if they focus their best resources and perhaps summon the right muses, exceed the limits of that which they can put on a truthful resume, add to an accurate cirriculum vitae, or otherwise justify by citations from their Permanent Record.

I hope recipients will receive the honor in the spirit in which it is given, post its badge in whatever places they post things, and link back to the awarding post. The badge bears the image of a Griffin, an ancient symbol of courage, boldness, and wisdom.

Sapere aude!

Badge image adapted from original found here.

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