Sunday, July 5, 2009

Steve Nash in High School. Eh?

Judging from this highlight reel, Steve Nash was quite a good basketball player in high school, but I'm struck also at the quality of the defense he's overcoming in these clips. I've seen a fair amount of high school basketball, but little of it has exhibited defensive play of this quality. And I've never seen a point guard as good as Steve Nash at the high school level.

Is all high school basketball in Canada this good? Is it because they only have enough players for three or four teams, which of necessity become all-star teams?

In other basketball news, Rasheed Wallace, still my favorite NBA player, is now a Boston Celtic.


Zennalathas said...

I went to the same high-school as he did!

St. Michaels University School in Victoria.

Ian McCullough said...

I remember reading an SI article about Nash while e was in college. To become a better ball handler he apparently used to dribble a tennis ball.

Dale said...

@Zen, cool cheese! Was there a big case of trophies that he won for the school?

@Ian, wow. The practice shows.

larryniven said...

Ah, but do they start him or bring him off the bench? It's not like Boston has a lot of room in its starting 5, after all, and guys like 'Sheed tend not to take too well to being reserves.

Still, the east is going to be very interesting next year. If nothing else, I should be able to get a good laugh out of Turkoglu suffering in Toronto cause he was too greedy to sign with a winning team.

Dale said...

Yea, the Turkoglu thing puzzles me. I realize I'm Portland-biased yadda yadda yadda (not really that much, believe me) but gosh, Toronto? Sure, Toronto is a kewl city. I'd want to live there for a while, but then again, I already live in Portland.

Isn't Toronto pretty much guaranteed to suck for the foreseeable future? Whereas Portland has a chance to rise. It is a chance I'm sure they'll blow, but hey, I really don't see their chances as being below those of Toronto.

Maybe it was about the dollars. Whatever.

As for 'sheed, yes, it will be interesting to see how he fits in. I have a soft spot for the Celtics and an even softer one for 'sheed, so I hope it works out. But you're right -- it's a roll of the dice.

At least it makes sense. Had Turkoglu signed with the Celtics, I wouldn't be puzzled.

Oh well. Whatever. I just wish they'd go ahead and start the season so we'd have something decent to follow sports-wise. I am already tired of the 2011 and 2012 baseball seasons before they've begun, and as for golf & tennis as spectator sports, I'd rather not get that potty-mouthed this time of day so I'll say no more.

larryniven said...

"I just wish they'd go ahead and start the season so we'd have something decent to follow sports-wise."

Amen to that. This, I think, is the hidden genius of the Madden series of video games: they're not all that realistic, they have a ridiculous learning curve, and they apparently jinx the people on the cover, but visually it's almost like watching real football. Madden, if I may say so, is the Nicorette of NFL football.