Monday, July 13, 2009

Tennessee, Where the Mules Kick Freely

I am not saying it makes sense, I am just pointing out, for the benefit of non-American readers, this is is no misprint:

Following a recent series of high-profile shooting incidents in the United States, the southern state of Tennessee is changing its gun laws this week.

It is relaxing them.

If a last-minute legal challenge fails, from Tuesday, gun owners in the state will be allowed to carry their weapons in a lot more public places - including bars and restaurants.
It's probably true that people living outside the former Confederate states of the United States, if plied with enough mind-altering chemicals or kicked in the head by large beasts of burden, suffer momentary lapses in cognitive function that allow them to believe the relevant hypothesis of political economy at play here: that in a social milieu in which every third crazy hick you see might be carrying a loaded firearm, the best response is to give the other two crazy hicks a loaded firearm.

Rest assured that if the scope and scale of gun-related mayhem has not decreased a year from now in Tennessee, a solid majority of Tennessee legislators -- backed by a solid majority of Tennessee voters -- will conclude that guns have been too heavily restricted and that relaxing them is the only thinkable option.

Actually, remove the conditional from the previous paragraph -- whatever happens, a year from now, there will be substantial numbers of Tennesseans who believe that relaxing the gun laws is the only thinkable option.

(Photo from Spunkinator on Flickr)

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