Friday, August 21, 2009

Cowardice, Violence, Hypocrisy, Gender Confusion -- You Know, The Usuals

Sing, muse, of a world rapidly flying apart -- but keep it brief because I have only so much attention span to spare:

  • What's the trouble? What am I not seeing? The athlete in green and yellow pictured here is quite obviously a man. The athletes to his right and left should stay out of men's running events.
  • Christopher Hitchens calmly explains why Yale University should be ashamed of its cowardice for withholding publication of the cartoons that have inspired so many of Allah's earthly lieutenants to run amok. They and their cherished literary characters should strongly consider fucking the fuck off if they can't handle offensive cartoons without turning to violence and threats.
  • On the topic of cowards, Glenn Greenwald calmly explains why liberals are increasingly disgusted with the chickenshit who has replaced the president we thought we elected. I cavil with Glennzilla's (and Paul Krugman's) use of the word trust -- that word should not be indulged in this context -- but both are spot-on.
  • Notice, notwithstanding the intense feelings mentioned in the previous bulleted item, that liberals are not -- or I'll say should not be, if they are to be true to the ideals of free association and free speech -- registering their disapproval by brandishing firearms in the presence of the chickenshit. There is a word for the use of violence or threats of violence to achieve political aims, and many of the people currently using that tactic in domestic US politics are typically among the first and loudest to denounce it in other contexts. Hmm.
  • Speaking of screaming yahoos who love violence when it's their team perpetrating it, this is an exceedingly ugly scene.

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Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, a very very small percentage of people have ambiguous gender. Their gender is not really clear.