Monday, August 10, 2009

Cowards [Heart] Easy Targets

I have to assume this is the product of our chickenshit president's search for "bipartisan compromise" on the rule of law:

The Obama administration is close to appointing a special criminal prosecutor to investigate alleged abuses by the CIA of prisoners held at detention centres around the world ... CIA officers who used waterboarding – an interrogation technique approved by the Bush administration but now judged by the Obama administration to be torture – would not be prosecuted. But officers who subjected prisoners to excessive amounts of waterboarding could be the target of a criminal prosecutor.
I question the wisdom of singling out lower-level agents, operatives, and soldiers in the first place -- to stop a mad dog, you aim for its head, not its tail -- but sure, if there are people out there who were "excessive" in their war crimes, I can see pursuing criminal charges.

The choice is whether to condone the war crimes begun, elaborated, and embraced at the highest levels of the Bush-Cheney administration. Nothing else the present administration decides will matter more than this, and more and more, it appears they lack the courage and audacity to stand for the law and against its abasement. True to cowardice, they are aiming -- and haltingly even here -- at the easiest of targets.

(via Normblog)

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