Monday, August 3, 2009

Health Care, Trucking, and Bartering

In my previous post, I unfairly overlooked an aspect of the right-wing opposition to meaningful health care reform: of course one should reject all subsidies and pay for all medical care out-of-pocket, but only after plenty of good faith bargaining.

My mistake was not to haggle over price when the urgent care doctor ordered a CAT scan; I should have insisted on the pricing up front, and accepted or rejected the deal only after researching competitors' prices in the local area. I also should have done some independent research on the utility of CAT scans: are alternative, less expensive, equally reliable diagnostic methods available? What, if any, is the statistical correlation between suffering a head trauma, undergoing a CAT scan, and recovering?

I squandered the opportunity to find a suitable "meeting of the minds;" that one of the minds was concussed and hemorrhaging is surely no excuse. For shame.

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