Friday, August 28, 2009

Hood to Coast 2009: The Live-Texting, Live-Tweeting, Live-Blogging, and So-Called Real World Experience

My aim is to live-text the Hood to Coast, which for me begins in about two hours.

I now have my texting machine hooked up to the Blogger contraption, to the Twitter apparatus, and via Twitter to the Facebook engine, so I believe I have arranged things such that no one may easily escape the gravity of the live-updates' gaping maw(s).

There is, of course, the question of battery life in the cell phone. There is also the question of cellular reception in the land-orca-prowled wilds of Oregon, through which the Hood to Coast course wends and winds. In other words, there's every reason to expect one, maybe two entries, tops.

I shall be packed, however, as the dramatic image above shows. If it's any consolation, I expect to carry the dumb bell for no more than two of the legs, and the cat scratching post, while not technically part of the packing, will be brought along simply so that this photograph doesn't make a liar of me. I said it was a photo representing my packing, and I stand by that. Firmly. Well, except for the carpet and the wood cabinet and that section of wall and that "ab shaper" thingy. Those will stay behind, so the photo has made a liar of me after all.

I hate that photo. I love this song -- Devotchka's "The Enemy Guns," a damnnear perfect running song:

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