Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hood to Coast 2009: T-Shirt Spell-Checker Sold Separately

In these difficult economic times, it is to be expected that frills and extras will be pared down as much as possible, and so it is with the second letter i in the word official as printed on this year's offical volunteer t-shirts.

We should consider ourselves fortunate they didn't have to take out one of the f's and left the silent e on the end of the word race.

Runners, sighting this spelling error against its brilliant orange background indicates you are nearing the end point of your leg. It is the beacon that signals you can soon stop running and get back in the foul-smelling team van. Let a new mantra guide you: run toward the spelling error. Run toward the spelling error.


Elizabeth said...

I want it to say RACE OFFAL.

Dale said...

Elizabeth, that would have been good! I would also like to see "Race Ofecal" or some version of the word "fecal."

Team O'Fecal would be a great team name --- too late they're already set. There's always next year.

Martin R. said...

You suspect that this could be a mere economising measure? I think there could be some subliminal anagrams planted here by some farcical foe advertising the moisturising benefits of a new skin care product named facial force. Or perhaps an attempt to big-up a new cola brand targeted at guitarists known as Riff Ace Cola! And then even subverting this subliminal message by questioning the whole ethos of drinking cola: farce if cola! Of course if you do want a cola, there is no better place, if I read this T-shirt correctly, than at a Frolic Cafe which is just next door to that vegetarian restaurant for those who like their food to be simulacrum of their meat-based inspiration, A Calf of Rice. Of course there are plenty of people out there who are not vegetarian and what better way is there for such meat-eaters to cool down after a long race than stopping by the Offal-Ice car. Yum!