Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's So 2006

Let us count the ways:

  • Whether from cowardice or idiocy or a mix of each, the current occupant of the White House shows all the morals of a rattlesnake, or perhaps those of a middle-ranking mafioso, judging from his decision to pursue war crimes only inasmuch as they can be pinned on low-ranking functionaries.
  • The aforementioned president is just sure that we are a constantly-rolling six months and several thousand troops away from complete but undefined victory in a faraway crucible of fanaticism and dysfunction.
  • Little, if anything, of substance stands to be done to change the USA's abysmal health care failures since any such thing would inconvenience pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and assorted other monied interests.
  • Ben Bernanke remains safely in his post to secure the interests of speculators, bankers, and allied parasites.
  • Such dizzying levels of cowardice and venality being wearisome to maintain, the president has taken a vacation, and the vice president is nowhere to be found -- not that anyone is looking eagerly.

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