Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Joanna Newsom's Harp

Fine, fine, so you've been around the musical block. I say you haven't been all the way around unless and until you listen to the last minute of this song, dominated as it is by a sustained note from a harp that stands a chance of changing the way you think about the duration of a note, the power of harps, the lower end of the range of human hearing, and every sound you've ever heard:

Maybe I overstate matters. Then again, maybe I understate matters by focusing only on the last minute, when every instant of the song is so rich and evocative.

Maybe you hear the power of the harp every day. Do you hear Joanna Newsom's harp? I do.


Bpaul said...

Nice catch

Dale said...

BPaul, this is one of those things I've had around for a while but refound in my iTunes catalog. Yay iTunes re-explorations!