Saturday, August 1, 2009

Love's Not Time's Fool?

Against the testimony of Shakespeare's magical sonnet 116, here's Catullus, brusquely:

Forever (huh)!
How absurd!
That is utterly ridiculous.
Nothing can endure throughout time everlastingly.
Once the sun has shone brightly, it sets in the Ocean.
The moon wanes, how full it was a short while ago,
Love’s tempest often becomes a gentle breeze.
The time for love is not in the bedroom…
Because the lamp has been taken away
there is no trust,
everything is treacherous.
O, you are dolts,
you are stupid,
you are so dull!
Neko Case takes the side of Catullus in, among other songs, "I'm An Animal" (album version):
You could say it’s my instinct --
Yes, I still have one.
There’s no time to second-guess it.
Yes there are things that I’m still so afraid of
but my courage is roaring like the sound of the sun
'cause it’s vain about its mane and will reveal them to no one.
I’m an animal
You’re an animal too.

Pick up that rock, drink from that lake --

I do my best but I’m made of mistakes.
Yes, there are still things I’m still quite sure of:
I love you this hour -- this hour today --
and heaven will smell like the airport
-- but I may never get there to prove it,
so let’s not waste our time thinking how that ain’t fair.
I’m an animal
You’re an animal too.

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