Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mad Men Season Three - Blegging Broadcasters

The third season of Mad Men, featuring the handsome devils shown here (source) and several more besides, begins within just a few hours -- 10pm local time, to be exact.

And here lies my cavil with AMC. AMC, like most tee-vee broadcasters, fails to appreciate that 10pm on the west coast is not really the same thing as 10pm on the east coast. People on the west coast tend, in my vast experience, to orient their schedules to synch up with the east coast, and they do so because so much commerce hinges on the east coast: the home office is there, customers are there, calls are expected from there, etc.

A typical east coast person might begin his workday at 9am and finish it at 6pm, and that translates to 6am and 3pm here on the west coast. In my workplace here in fair Puddle-town, smack in the Pacific time zone, 9am start times are all but unheard of, but 6am start times are fairly common.

I offer these fascinating and thoroughly valid sociological insights to point out that AMC and other broadcasters should strongly reconsider the definition of prime time, especially for flagship programs like Mad Men. While 10pm is not the wee hours of the night, it is very late for us "out here;" we are, many of us, out of bed at 4:30am or 5am or even earlier.

I want Mad Men season three to start playing on my television in 90 minutes, not in 270 minutes. I really need to be sleeping for many of those extra 180 minutes.

The above no doubt holds for the Central and Mountain time zones, but the people in the flyover states famously do not matter and should not be considered in this connection or any other.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, is THAT what the mythical 9am start is about? I always thought it was from mythical storybook-land. Yet I didn't connect that it was the SAME storybook-land as jumping in leaf piles, and snowy winters, and everyone going inside when it rains, i.e., the northeast.