Friday, August 7, 2009

Poem of the Day: YYZ

Now, this is poetry:

I will understand if you need to take a few moments to recover from the weeping; and no, that comment does not come from irony.*

This is not to say that everything by Neil Peart has produced a weeping response, though some of it could plausibly generate one of the other kinds of weeping -- the derisive kind, the what-man-has-made-of-man kind.

Surely a high percentage of all lyrics written in the history of modern popular music trace to the pangs of romantic heartbreak, but I think it's fair to suggest that Neil Peart has added more than most to the annals of political heartbreak. The lyrics to the 20-minute multi-part title track to 2112 strike me as the kind of things written immediately after finishing Atlas Shrugged and amid the heat of a tussle with the Canadian government's tax/pelt/syrup auditors.

It's a fantastic song and a fantastic album, but the lyrics may cause a bit of weeping.


*Quite possibly a first-ever in this precious, precious blog!!!

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