Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That Narcolepsy Sucks

Damn those putative-not-actual liberals! Damn them to hottest hell! The New York Times presumes to tell you what you'll learn from their content:

[A]s you’ll learn listening to the stories in Patient Voices: Narcolepsy, created by Web producer Karen Barrow and contributor Sarah Arnquist, having the disorder isn’t just about nodding off occasionally.
No, it is about nodding off frequently, and especially frequently if you're not actively engaged in rousing yourself with vigorous physical activity or stimulants. You may be surprised to learn that cramming your body with ever-escalating levels of chemical stimulants has its disadvantages, and that engaging in vigorous physical activity has its practical limits.

As to the former, I would be surprised and dumbfounded at your surprise -- if you're just now learning that continuously-increasing consumption of chemical stimulants is A Bad Thing, I strongly suggest you take up reading a different blog that is even more prepared to state the blindingly obvious.

As to the latter, imagine how you would, if pressed to do so, go about maintaining an elevated heart rate via physical activity while watching a movie in a theater or reading in a library. Have you ever tried, say, jogging in place in those social settings? I have, and it proves hilarious, interesting, or otherwise welcome to your fellow movie-goers and library-users for something less than a minute. Putting aside the social aspects, just how sweat-covered and head-bobbing do you want your reading and movie-watching experiences to be? Not very? Me too.

In short, narcolepsy sucks, and the feature cited above illustrates it nicely.

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