Monday, August 24, 2009

There Should Have Been Blood

As much as I admire both, I still say There Will Be Blood was slightly more best-picture-worthy than No Country for Old Men, but I am not bitter. Not very.

This scene is just one of many that really sticks to the ribs, and while it provides more than a hint of the severity of one of the film's central conflicts, it is not a spoiler:

If you have not yet seen There Will Be Blood, I can't recommend it highly enough, but beware the youtube clips -- quite a few of them show the final scene, and as intense as it must be when seen in isolation of everything that came before it, its dramatic value can only be appreciated in the broader context: it actually manages to be shocking in terms of how shocking it is.

Am I saying the final scene is shockingly shocking? Yes, that's what I'm suggesting. So it was for me.

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Zennalathas said...

I totally agree. I liked There Will Be Blood quite a bit more than No Country For Old Men.