Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apophatic Fail

Stephen Law poses a good question to the apophatic-minded believers:

[M]ost apophaticists also deem this mysterious, transcendent not-a-thing worthy of our worship and gratitude, which raises the question of why worship and gratitude are appropriate attitudes for us to have towards a transcendent not-a-thing that not only pointlessly tortures children but has unleashed unimaginable quantities of suffering on sentient creatures over hundreds of millions of years.
Maybe god is unimaginably small, maybe unimaginably huge; either way, the apophatic god is famously ineffable, unknowable, unthinkable, beyond the reach and well beyond the grasp. It/he/she cannot be pinned down, categorized, thought through, compared, examined, nor located in time or space.

Whatever fits that string of words, it is indistinguishable from nothingness. I say it's better to deal in consequential and concrete matters than to gesture at pondering what's openly declared imponderable. Life is too short to spend time on mislabeled nullities.

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