Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Certain Ideological Movement

Matt Yglesias accounts for the data presented in this chart by reference to

[t]he presence of a major ideological movement in the United States of America dedicated to the dual propositions that taxes must never go up, and that government expenditures don’t need to relate to government revenue in any real way ...
Yglesias did not mention the two additional salient characteristics of this ideological movement, so I will mention them: it attained its political ascendancy with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 -- quite a few of its members still rather creepily pine for him to this day -- and the same ideological movement shrieks ceaselessly of its loathing of government indebtedness when Democrats are in power.

While I'm re-posting informative charts I found at Matt Yglesias's blog, this one falsifies the claim that George W. Bush's economic program, one grounded in the nostrums under discussion -- tax cuts forever, public spending without concern for debt -- worked for people:

Not so much.

In short, I call upon all nations to stop the unproductive poor. Now watch this drive!

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