Monday, September 28, 2009

Have You Seen This Virus?

Based on my symptoms -- in and out of fever, general weariness, body-wide soreness that tracks with the fever -- I know I have some kind of flu or flu-like bug.

Maybe it's the swine flu and maybe it isn't; even with both pairs of reading spectacles perched on my fevered brow, I can't find anything looking like the creature shown here (image from CDC), though the brute facts of how these kinds of viruses get around indicate there must be billions of them swirling around.

Here's what I do know: the few minutes I've sat here typing this scintillating blog post have taken just about all the spare life-energy I have at the moment, and that, together with the fact that I'm late on my second day in the recliner chair and yet not yet feeling "cabin fever" tells me that I have more illness to get through.


larryniven said...

Hey, me too! Good times.

Here's to a fast recovery for the both of us.

Martin R. said...

Dale, sorry to hear that you're unwell. Hope you make a speedy recovery. In the spirit of J. Carter Wood's response to your earlier declaration of illness, I can inform you that I've been presented with "punwigi" as the captcha (sic) for this post...which appears to be Korean for "atmosphere". I don't know if this is any consolation to you in your weakened state. If not perhaps you will be able to deploy it usefully in an upcoming game of "Transliterated Korean Scrabble" that I'm sure, like me, you often get dragged into as the winter months approach.
[Larry, I similarly wish you good health too. Whomsoever you are, I doubt you have done anything to deserve becoming the hapless host to pesky viruses.]



Domestically Challenged said...

Speedy recovery to you, dear Dale!

Hello, Martin! Long time no see.

Dale said...

DC, Martin, LN, thanks for the kind words. I will credit them will the rollback of the virus that I'm currently convincing myself is underway.