Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life's Not Fair - The Proof by Scenery

I have noted before how it can't be justifiable, under one or several desserts-based theories of justice, that I should live within a half-hour drive of Multnomah Falls and nearby sites, and likewise it can't be fair that I should live within a 2-1/2 hour drive of Newport, Oregon, where I took these photos in recent days.

These first four were taken at Yaquina Head:

A little south of Newport is Seal Rock, one of those places that doesn't make all the maps, but where taking a non-breathtaking photograph is well-nigh impossible:

A simple guide to amazingly beautiful ocean vistas:

Proceed to westward to Oregon until you reach highway 101; head either south or north, depending on which direction will get you more miles within the state; at every sign or indication that beach access is possible, turn toward the ocean. Gawk all you like, use up all your film or digital camera memory, and try not to drool with your mouth agape that way.

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