Saturday, January 9, 2010

No Punishments for Non-Crimes

Apostasy is not a crime -- not today, not tomorrow, not in a thousand years. Never, and in no place.

No civilized nation-state should be allowed to proceed as though apostasy is a crime worthy of punishment; such nations should be marginalized far and near, and seen as the rights-abusing, unjust, misruled, repressive regimes they are.

Every person has the right to change his religion as his conscience and reason dictate -- to or away from Islam, to or away from Christianity, to or away from Hinduism, to or away from his own mix-and-match creed, to or away from 'none of the above,' -- as often as he wishes, for any reason or for no reason at all, upon the slightest of mood swings, in response to the whirr of cricket song, the softest breeze, the vagaries of coin flips, the way the sunlight bounces off a parakeet, or anything else.

Every human being has the right to believe as he chooses, without exception, and governments that fail to acknowledge and protect this right are despicable and dangerous.

File the above under that which ought to be blindingly obvious to all.

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Montag said...

The basis for the criminal status of apostasy is sort of "being a spoil-sport":

The spoil-sport refuses to accept the "ideals" of the game, and so does the apostate.

It is precisely as if you were in a theater watching a presentation of "Peter Pan" and you refused quite openly and loudly to refuse to clap - showing that you did believe in faeries - thereby saving Tinkerbelle's life.
You would get some nasty looks from the parents of other children sitting around you.