Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rain Portland Rain

A very Portland-ish rain fell upon the lucky few hundred who participated in today's Run Portland Run event, the 10k of which I finished in 45:20 (7:18 min/mi pace, official results), which is not as fast as it felt but good enough for a tenth place overall finish.

This had all the trappings of an excellent event: a lovely and reasonably challenging course, not entirely novel but a good variation on the familiar downtown-based running courses; chip timing; a distance for everyone (5k, 10k, half-marathon); an excellent cause for the funds it raised; good and varied post-race food and drink; even prize money for the really fast people. It lacked only for promotion -- I only heard of this event on Friday, via Oregonlive's Run Oregon blog, and I overheard no less than three other runners report much the same. This is the first edition of this event, so I hope that future years will bring it to wider fame and attract a larger field of competitors. Sure, I gave a good effort, but ultimately, a slog like me has no business finishing in the top ten.

That small cavil aside -- I always make it a point to have at least one -- I loved the event and thank all my fellow participants, its coordinators, and the volunteers who made it all possible.

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