Thursday, September 24, 2009

That One Should Be Banned in China

The good news is that my precious, precious blog appears to be blocked in China, as is Russell Blackford's, and I wouldn't have it any other way -- China is run by a gang of rapacious thugs. The bad news is that the blockage appears to apply to all blogger dot com addresses, and indeed to blogger itself. China's filthy thugs are nothing if not stupidly arbitrarily sweeping in their misrule.

I am flattered, but not flattered nearly enough.

If your blog is not presently blocked by Chinese authorities, it seems you need to ask yourself whether you've been clear enough in saying they are a gang of rapacious thugs. Have you been?

Find out if you are blocked in China here. If you're not, isn't there a sharply-worded post you should be writing, one touching on the fact that legitimate governments don't ban web sites, and beyond that, observing that legitimate governments don't compile a dossier of human rights violations -- or I should say dossiers -- of such depth and breadth?

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