Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tune Out

The more I watch clips from 1970s television, the stronger the impression I get that the entire USA, and maybe the entire world, spent the entire time stoned out of their fucking minds. I don't remember it that way, but then again, I wouldn't necessarily remember ten straight years of being stoned, would I?

Watch this and try to disagree:

William Shatner will be William Shatner, but how about those song lyrics? Bernie Taupin marched right up to that microphone and admitted his role in writing them. Would anyone who hadn't spent several straight years stoned out of his fucking mind willingly do that? Let alone in those sunglasses?

If you don't want that to linger too long in your head, you could do worse than to listen to this recent live performance (MP3 download) by Yo La Tengo on NPR.

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DP said...

The really scary thing about this is that the audience wasn't laughing -- they seem to have been taking it all very seriously.