Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bot-Skeptical: Windows 7

Thus we see the limitations of bots such as the one used by Amazon dot com to coax passers-by into adding more useless crap to their virtual shopping carts. Does anyone believe that Windows 7 Professional Upgrade, Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade, and Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade are "frequently bought together" as this artificially-intelligent interface proclaims?

I have my doubts, but then again, one should not underestimate the power of confusion. If anyone is plunking down the $539.97 to make that purchase, please do stop. You need, at most, only one of these Windows 7 upgrades to escape the miasma of Windows Vista.

If Windows 7 fails to live up to the better-than-Vista hype, um ... we'll all buy Macs? We'll all switch over to google's Chrome vaporware or some other Linux thingy? Of course. Of course we will.


Domestically Challenged said...

Ok, what is it that so many hate about Vista? I know it's been an outlaw since day 1, is it simply because it is MS?

I have it. I actually love it. At first it was annoying that my old pgms were not compatible but I have had no problems with it other than that. Maybe ignorance is bliss...

I won't be upgrading.

Dale said...

DC, no, I am not reflexively anti-MS. I think that point of view is retarded -- Apple and Linux fan-boys can suck it. I practically worship Microsoft Excel.

Vista: accounts vary, but I hate it because (a) the parental controls are a complete pain in the ass, and don't allow the degrees of control I would expect from such a thingy --- frankly, in fairness, I doubt Windows 7 is any better with it; (b) its implementation of user security is utter shit, e.g., we have two flavors, "administrator" and "regular user who can't do a damn thing," and I want something inbetween; and worst of all, (c) it introduced a maddening mouse tracking problem -- the mouse is not where it looks like it is on the screen, so you're always clicking several pixels away from where you think you're clicking -- that no intervention would resolve through many thousands of hours of troubleshooting, trial-and-error, googling, downloading, and hair-pulling. Granted, we have Vista on 2 PCs, and this mouse crap has only affected one of them.

Also, I hate all the goddamn confirmation prompts -- click on, say, add/remove programs. You're prompted as though you don't realize you just fucking clicked on add/remove programs, as though you might want to re-think such a risky maneuver. NO! I don't want to re-think it! I clicked the goddamn thing! Bring it the fuck up!

I get mad thinking about it.

Vista does have a lot of good stuff in it. I don't deny it. But just when I start to almost kinda get used to it and warm up to it, one or more of the above pushes back.

The PC I'm on right now is Windows XP. ;-)

Dale said...

DC ... to clarify: the reflexively anti-MS view is retarded, not anything you said.


Domestically Challenged said...

No worries, Dale. My ego is far too great for me to ever think you were calling ME retarded. Charming naivete, poor attempts at humor... absolutely, but never retarded. (big grin)

I totally hate that pop-up thingie too! I know there is a way to turn it off, I saw it once, when looking for something else, but have never bee able to find it since.... grrrrr