Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cheers for Rep. Grayson

Except for a single word that didn't belong ("Holocaust"), Representative Alan Grayson speaks for me:

The Republicans have nothing. They offer nothing. Perhaps a few individual members represent the exceptions that prove the rule, but as a rule, Republican lawmakers have no interest in health reform of any consequence. They are not only content with but tirelessly protective of the status quo, in which over 44,000 people die yearly from lack of insurance. That's around 3,700 dead Americans every month, or around 120 every day.

Today, Americans will die because the USA's health care system is in ruins. Those who have the power to enact laws but choose to do nothing, and those who actively oppose constructive change, whatever their political party, are complicit in this death and suffering.

Thank you, Representative Grayson, for putting the truth ahead of cordiality, for giving voice to the moral outrage behind the liberal-left view (rather than yet more bloodless technocratic babble), and for reminding everyone of the human consequences of what's happening and not happening on health care in Congress.

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