Thursday, October 22, 2009

Future Slip

This song by Samara Lubelski intrigues me -- I like its sound, I like its provenance: Samara Lubelski collaborated with Thurston Moore in his most recent solo record, on which she played some stirring violin.

This is "Field the Mine" from her new release, Future Slip, which The Quietus has written up in characteristically delphic rock-critic-ese:

The contrast pulls and pushes your sympathies: sometimes the guitars get in the way of Lubelski's developing melodies, at other points you can't wait for them to tear the track up. The music itself is self-destructive too, with propulsive drum grooves again falling victim to the assembled percussion and guitar smash, destroying what's had been slowly building.

There are some wonderful highlights. 'The Evolution Flow' plays out picked guitar parts and feels like a Californian dusk, Lubelski's vocals stretching elastically, a strong chorus gently delivered with the smoky grace of a chanteuse.
It's difficult to say what that means, but I think they like it, and based on what I've heard so far, so do I.

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