Friday, October 30, 2009

God-Drunk Anti-Gay Animus Turned Up to 11

As the free world continues waiting for a coherent non-religious argument against legal equality in marriage, "amazing" is one word for this presentation taped in Washington DC; I would have gone with "shockingly stupid" or "astoundingly moronic." Do yourself the favor of watching the god-addled witness after minute three or so, when she turns the bat-shit insanity up to 11 and comes close to breaking the knob trying to find a 12: has a distressingly extensive library of equally insipid videos of speakers and assorted bigots who can't seem to distinguish the United States from the theocracy they've constructed in their heads.

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Elizabeth said...

I've seen worse; she didn't think ahead to bring props.

At the 2004 Multnomah County hearings, someone brought brimstone. It's easier to go to twelve when you're brandishing REAL ACTUAL BRIMSTONE FROM SODOM.