Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Massage the History" at the Boundary

I suppose "Massage the History" is a boundary song for Sonic Youth, one that separates those who love the band from those who, well, don't. Speaking from my side of the line, it's a fantastic piece of work:

Before it gets fully Sonic-Youthy by the last third or so, and apart from Kim Gordon's vocals, "Massage the History" could comfortably fit on Thurston Moore's most recent solo album, Trees Outside the Academy. Some of Lee Ranaldo's atmospheric guitar work on "Massage the History" approximates Samara Lubelski's violin heard on songs from that fine album, one of the better of which is "The Shape is in a Trance."

Here is one of a few fair-to-middling live versions of "Massage the History."

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