Saturday, October 3, 2009

Monstrosity Doubles Down

Out of the back and forth that ensued in the comments to the post I previously blogged upon, Makarios has doubled down:

[I]t doesn’t matter if you’re a murderer or a Gandhi, our sinful nature is unacceptable to God. The problem is not the number sins or the degree of sin that we’ve committed. The problem is who we are. The state of our world is proof of who we are. What we do is just a symptom of who we are. The fact is, there are no good people or right hearts, for all of us are corrupt and fall short of God’s expectations for us. Our sin, regardless of how small it is in our estimation cannot come into the presence of God.
To which I respond: 1) yes, it very much does matter whether one is a murderer or a Ghandi; 2) if "sin" is to have any meaning that impinges on human experience, the number and seriousness of sins is extremely important -- we are right to draw consequential moral and legal distinctions between, say, rapists and the people they rape, and hence there are "good people" and "right hearts" as well as bad people and wrong hearts; 3) what is or is not "acceptable to God" is subject to god's own putatively omnipotent discretion, and hence the most efficient and fair resolution between human nature and the god who supposedly created it is for the god to grow the fuck up and get over his revulsion of his own creation; 4) what god accepts or declines to accept is a matter of just-so storytelling and mere assertion unless and until Biblical interpretation somehow reaches the status of a wissenschaft -- don't hold your breath -- or otherwise gets rid of its centuries-long disputes; even then, and more importantly, 5) what is or is not "acceptable to God" does not matter unless and until might makes right.

Might does not make right.

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Anonymous said...

Are we discussing faith vs. acts? Cause I think that is where Christianity went astray.

Oh, and anyone who is not God and attempts to explain to me what is or is not acceptable to God is a goddamn liar.