Sunday, October 4, 2009

Portland Marathon 2009 - Current Conditions Favorable

I just stepped outside to take in the weather as it is here in Puddle-town minutes before the start of the Portland Marathon, and I pronounce it excellent: current temperature of 46, streets wet from recent rain, fast-moving clouds overhead.

Today's runners will likely see more rain -- a good thing if you're asking me -- but if weather dot com's hour-by-hour forecast is correct, the skies will clear in time for them to take those last lunging steps across the timing mat at mile 26 yard 385.

... and off they go. Farewell on this perfect morning, all you warriors of the wet pavement.

You can follow the progress of individual participants at the official site.


Domestically Challenged said...


Just think.... no chafing! That's gotta be great.

Dale said...

It seems to have been quite a great day for running.